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OM Construction Co. completed most of the works of large magnitude and complex nature within the contracted schedule and never delayed any work even for a day. It has earned a reputation of learning bonus for early completion projects.



Being one of the most prominent names in the Construction Sector, we have undertaken several Govt Projects Contractors (Water supply, Roads ,Bridge Construction including Major upgrading Works)



We take pride in our delivery , thus our client’s can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them, all the time.
Govt Projects Contractors (Water supply, Roads ,Bridge Construction including Major upgrading Works)


Sr No. Name Of Work Division
1 Periodical Renuwal (PR BT km3/2 to 49/6 (Somnath- Bhavnagar Road) On NH 51 National Highway
2 Construction of 30 mt wide B.T. Road & Strom Water drainage For T.P. scheme No 7 & 10 of Adhevada Of Bhavnagar area Devolopment Authority ,bhavnagar Bhavnagar Area Devolopment Authority
3 Overlaying & Carpeting to Flexible Pavement of Top-3 Circle to Leela Circle 36m Wide road including Construction of Foothpath & paver Surfaces to Row of the Road under Bhavnagar Area Development Authority Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Area Devolopment Authority
4 Construction of Roads in TP-7, 10 & 11 of Adhewada and TP-8 of Roova including Extension of Box Culvert near Leela Circle under Bhavnagar Area Development Authority, Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar Area Devolopment Authority
5 Providing Stacking Area Behind Finger Jetty For stacking of bulk cargo at New Port Bhavnagar Gujarat Maritime Board
6 UP Gradation of Stacking Platform No.9 Nr. North Quay at New Port Bhavnagar Gujarat Maritime Board
7 Upgradation Of Stacking Platform No.13 Near Akwada Wharf at New Port Bhavnagar Gujarat Maritime Board
8 Providing Road near Helipad on North Quarry side at New Port , Bhavngar Gujarat Maritime Board
9 construction of CC road From PWD road to Sub- Station no.1 cross Road at Lignite Project, Bhavnagar GMDC
10 Periodical Renewal Betn. Km. 0/0 to 6/2 & Km. 22/5 to 23/0 & Km. 54/2 to 62/2 & Km. 91/4 to
94/0 & Km. 125/0 to 131/7 of N.H.351 Jetpur – Vadiya – Bagasara – Amreli – Savarkundla – Mahuva Road (Job No. TA/NH-351/GJ/2016-17/634)
National Highway
11 Periodical Renewal Betn. Km. 0/0 to 11/0 N.H. 51 Budhel – Vartej Road (Job No. TA/NH-8E
Extn./GJ/ 2016-17/640)
National Highway
12 Providing Restoration work to Km. 4/0 to 7/900 of Jetpur – Vadiya – Bagasara Road NH-351. (Deposit work from GWSSB Grant) National Highway
13 Repairs to Roads of Sub Division No.1 passing through Amreli City portion under R&B Division Amreli. R and B Amreli
14 Repairs to Roads of Sub Division No.2 passing through Amreli City portion under R&B Division Amreli. R and B Amreli
15 S.R. to Songadh – Palitana road (S.H. No. 31) KM 54/600 to 56/600 (Pro. 37.50 mm B.U.S.G., 50 mm B.M., 25 mm S.D.B.C., road furnishing work and repairing of footpath Dist. Bhavnagar.) R and B Bhavnagar
16 Improvement and Strengthening of Royal Timana Bhadraval road (M.D.R.) Km 0/0 to 13/00 joining to taluka to taluka and taluka to district head quarter Taluko Talaja Dis. Bhavnagar R and B Bhavnagar
17 Talaja Gopnath road Km. 6/0 to 18/0 Dist. Bhavnagar ( Job No. SR / BVN / 2015-16 / 09-A) (REMAINING WORK) R and B Bhavnagar
18 Resurfacing and Widening /Strengthening of Roads Under MMGSY of Botad District Package No.BTD/SCSP(Resurface)/2016-17/P.02. Taluka: Gadhada, Dist. Botad. Panchayat Botad
19 Widening and Strenghtening of Dhasa Jalalpur Vikaliya Road (MDR) Km. 0/0 to 14/50 Ta. Gadhada. Dist.: Botad.(Under MMGSY-BUJ-Widening-2016-17) Panchayat Botad
20 Construction Work Of Cement Concrete Road With Tri-Mix With Footpath, Paving Block Road, Box Culvert, Strom Water Drainage, LED Street Light & 12mt High Mast Tower At. As Per Various Location Chart Palitana, Dist.: Bhavnagar Under Swarnim Jayanti Chief Minister Urban Development Scheme (UDP-88) Year – 2016-17, Mukhya Mantri Shaheri Sadak Yojna, Oth Gronth Year – 2016-17 & 14th Finance Commission Grant Palitana Nagarpalika
21 S.R. to Gariyadhar – Rupavati road (V.R) KM. 0/000 to 7/300, (Widening & Strengthening work), Dist. Bhavnagar. (Job No. SSR / BVN /2015-16 / 8) R and B Bhavnagar
22 Construction of Ranadhar Kukad Road (Non Plan) Km. 0/0 to 7/60 Taluka : Ghogha, Dist.: Bhavnagar. ( Under MMGSY New Work 2016-17) Panchayat Bhavnagar
23 Widening of Mahuva Talagajarada Road Km. 1/0 to 3/15 (MDR) Taluka : Mahuva. Dist.: Bhavnagar, (Remaining work) Panchayat Bhavnagar


Sr No. Name Of Work Division
1 Supply of 44.700 Cum machine crushed stone ballast including loading into hopper wagon at Jetalsar Depot. Against the work of Rajkot-Somnath section TBR km 27.5 to 57.50 Total=30km. Western Railway
2 Providing C.C. Apron under line No.1 in connection with Oil water separator for IOCL at POL siding Western Railway
3 (1) Supply of potable water by private party through road tanker at various locations under SSE(W) Veraval, SSE(PW) Veraval & SSE(PW) Junagadh jurisdiction for two years. (2) Veraval & Somnath-supply of potable water for filling of coaches and washing & cleaning of BG & MG trains at for two Years Western Railway
4 Supply of sweet water for cooking and drinking purpose at Okha under jurisdiction of Senior Section Engineer (Works) Dwarka (24 Months) Western Railway
5 Closing of unmanned Level Crossing No.108,109,111,113 & 115 by providing connecting road against 100 Level Crossing work & Level Crossing No.116,121,123 & 128 against 63 Level Crossing work of Division on Rajula City-Mahuva of Bhavnagar Division Western Railway
6 Okha-Supply of sweet water for cooking and drinking purpose at okha under jurisdcition of Sr.Section Engineer (Works)Dwarka for 24 months. Western Railway


Sr No. Name Of Work Division
1 Widening and Strengthening of Palitana-Jesar Road (From 5.50 to 7 m) Between Km 10.000 to 44.000 (SH-96) R and B Bhavnagar
2 Widening and Strengthening of Jetpur Mevasa Motabhadra Dudhivadar Jamkandorna Road Km.0/0 to 27/0 (CRF-817 / GJ / 2016-17) R and B Rajkot
3 Widening to Wankaner-Palas-Mathak Road Sh-318 bet. km 4/7 to 20/00 from 3.75m to 5.50m ( by pro. Widening ,Road Furniture,Construction of minor Bridge/CD) R and B Morbi
4 Widening of Roads Under Vikaspath (1)Widening of Palitana Jesar Savarkundala road Km 38/5 to 41/5 (2) Widening of Jesar Aasrana road Km 0/0 to 3/0 Taluka : Jesar. District.: Bhavnagar. R and B Bhavnagar
5 Improvement and Strengthening of Pithalpur Khandhera road (M.D.R.) Km 0/0 to 11/50 joining to taluka to taluka and taluka to district head quarter Taluko Talaja Dis. Bhavnagar R and B Bhavnagar
6 Construction of Outer Ring road Around Bhavnagar City (Phase-I) R and B Bhavnagar
7 Construction of R.C.C. Counterfort Retaining Wall and Compound Wall at T.P.S. No. 22 (Sarthana-Valak), F.P. No. 82-81, New East Zone area of Surat. Surat Municipal Corporation
8 Widening and Strengthening of Gundarana Dharai Bagadana Road Km. 0/0 to 10/100 (MDR) Tal.Mahuva Dist.Bhavnagar Panchayat Division Bhavnagar
9 Widening and Strenghening of Mahuva Umaniyavadar Konjali Sedarada Bagdana Road Km. 0/0 to 16/720 (MDR) Tal.Mahuva Dist.; Bhavnagar. Panchayat Division Bhavnagar
10 Widening and Strengthening of Borada Vataliya Datha Road Km. 0/0 to 6/60 (MDR) Taluka : Talaja, Dinstrict.: Bhavnagar. Panchayat Division Bhavnagar
11 Construction of Bambhaniya Bhadara Road Km. 0/0 to 5/30 (Non Plan) Ta. Mahuva. Dist. Bhavnagar.(Under MMGSY-BUJ-New work-2016-17) Panchayat Division Bhavnagar
12 Widening and Strengthening of Sathara Naip Kalsar Kotada Road Km. 0/0 to 17/00 Taluka : Mahuva, Dist.: Bhavnagar.(Under MMGSY-BUJ-Widening-2016-17) Panchayat Division Bhavnagar
13 Widening and Strenghtening of Vallabhipur Anandpur Madhiya Road Km. 12/0 to 22/0 Taluka and Dist. Bhavnagar. Panchayat Division Bhavnagar
14 Construction work of Reinforcement Cement Concrete Road With Tri-mix and Paving Block Road As Per Location Chart At, Palitana, Dist. Bhavnagar Under Swarnim Jaynti Chief Minister urban Development Scheme (Road Resurfacing Year – 2016-17) & 14Th Finance commission Grant Palitana Nagarpalika
15 Widening and Strenghtening of Nanivavadi Viradi Moraba (MDR) Moraba Bela (ODR) Bela Sarabmbhada (VR) Road Km. 0/0 to 11/0 Taluka : Gariyadhar, Dist.: Bhavnagar.(Under MMGSY-SCSP-Widening-2016-17) Panchayat Division Bhavnagar
16 Widening and Strenghtening of Gariyadhar Panchtobara Surnivas Road (MDR) Km. 0/0 to 10/410 Ta. Gariyadhar. Dist. Bhavnagar.(Under MMGSY/BUJ/Widening/2016-17) Panchayat Division Bhavnagar


Sr No. Name Of Work Division
1 Earthwork in formation with Contractor’s own earth, cutting, Blanketing and construction of Minor Bridges such as RCC Boxes/PSC slabs etc., Construction of Retaining walls, toe walls for earth retaining, side drains in mid section as well as yards including related Miscellaneous works between stations Surendranagar and Daladi (including) in connection with surendranagar – Rajkot Doubling project Western Railway