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  • Om Construction Co. takes pride in offering products that are of a consistently high quality and compliance with quality requirements is verified by government agencies and through internal and external audits.
  • The quality system of meil has been certified with ISO 9001-2000.
  • We strictly monitor compliance with its ambitious quality standards at all times and across all levels of production and personnel.
  • We keep ourselves a breast of the latest technology changes and quality measurement standards and incorporate them in our quality assurance processes routinely.
  • A quality job is a clean job and a clean job is a safe one Om Construction Co. its responsibility to ensure safety of its employees, contractors and visitors in all its sites, which include manufacturing units, laboratories and offices during work.
  • Safety is the first priority in whatever we do. We believe “To finish each and every day injury and incident free”.
  • Om Construction Co. has adopted to assess hazards and the risk associated with hazards, to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Our safety wing developed detailed instructions covering each of the basic elements in the company safety programs.